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All About Drains LLC specializes in sump pump repair and sump pump installation in Harford County and Baltimore County. Sump pumps can help keep your basement dry, even during the really big storms. Basically, a sump pump is a submersible pump used to remove the water that accumulates in a basin found in the basements of most homes in the Mid Atlantic.

"What a relief! No more worrying about my club basement being flooded because the power went out while I was away from home. ALL ABOUT DRAINS installed the most dependable sump pump equipment, explained to me how it works and made it affordable so I could have it done right away. They were friendly and knowledgeable, made me feel confident to tell my friends and neighbors and use them again. Thank you All About Drains"
Theresa Marie in Bel Air

When your sump pump fails or wears out, we pump out your basement and install a ZOELLER or MYERS sump pump. These are very dependable jet sump pumps that take the place of the old battery-back up sump pumps. Homeowners who might be nervous about their homes losing power during a storm can rest easy with this new sump pump system. It's the perfect solution and is more affordable than a wet basement. Call us today and find out more.

Sump pump troubleshooting should be done at least once a year. This includes - service, repair and identifying any other issues. Many people don’t realize the importance of sump pumps until they face basement flooding. We are your sump pump experts.

In the past 20 years, we have provided hundreds of homes and businesses in the Baltimore area with our best-rated sump pumps and sump pump services. We believe in fixing the problem right the first time, at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our prompt, professional and courteous service.

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