Polybutylene Pipe

Polybutylene Pipe 

If you’ve never heard of polybutylene pipe, chances are your home or business has a different kind of water piping, such as copper, galvanized, PVC, etc. Polybutylene pipe was used in home construction and in mobile homes from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s. Its use was discontinued once it was learned that as polybutylene pipe ages, it begins to degrade from the inside, due to a reaction with oxidants in the water.

You can tell if your home or business has polybutylene pipe because the pipe is grey on the inside of a structure, and the pipe outside coming in from the water system is blue.

Poly Pipe

Also known as poly pipe, this piping system has an abnormally high rate of failure even under ordinary operating conditions. Often, failure of the pipe takes place in the plastic fittings.

When a poly pipe starts to leak, it is usually extremely serious due to the fact that the deterioration of the pipe takes place from the inside. Poly pipe leaks are unforeseeable and there are no signs to warn of an upcoming leak.

There are several options when it comes to dealing with poly piping. The best alternative is to re-pipe the whole plumbing system. It can be difficult to sell a home with poly piping because of the known dangers, and some insurance companies won’t write a policy for a home with poly pipe.

If re-piping isn’t in your budget and you have located a leak, we can repair pinhole leaks, replace valves and couplings, and replace sections of pipe with another type of pipe, most commonly PVC.

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