Hydrojetting makes use of water under extreme high pressure to clean your drain pipes and sewer pipes of particles, roots, garbage, leaves, sludge and grease. We use a powerful, 2600 to 4800 psi pressure machine for hydrojetting any sludge or grease out of your pipes to keep them flowing freely. In addition to clearing a blockage, regular hydro jet drain cleaning can help extend the life of your pipes.

"Camera inspection and hydro jetting of the main line from inside the house all the way to the street and unclogged drain in the master bathroom. No issues. Problem resolved and he was very open and honest and good to work with."
Ari S. Baltimore, MD 21209

Clogged sewer lines can cause sewage backup, and cause gases from the sewer line to seep into your home or business, causing headaches and vomiting. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, call All About Drains right away at 443-743-8442.

A big advantage of hydro-jetting is that we can start the work promptly without needing to tear up your drainage pipes or sewer lines looking for the stopped up area.

What if my pipes are damaged?

If your pipes have cracked or a tree root has pierced a pipe causing a blockage, we can take care of your repair right away. We use techniques that are designed to get your drainage line or sewer line repairs done quickly, without tearing up your landscaping or your driveway.

What if my storm drain is clogged?

When storm drains become clogged the water and debris can back up onto your driveway or into your yard or parking lot. Dirty water accumulates all over the place, creating a mess for you and your family or customers. Hydrojetting will free up your storm drains so even in the worst of storms, the water will drain freely.

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